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Bellmawr School District is committed to excellence in education and high expectations for all students by providing a challenging and rigorous curriculum delivered by Highly Qualified professionals. We are preparing our 21st century learners to be productive members of society and leaders who exemplify strong character and citizenship. The District is dedicated to fostering and encouraging open communication amongst all stakeholders throughout the Bellmawr learning community.

Danielle Tomeo, President
Eric Hoban, Vice President
Christopher Concannon
Patrick Murray
Kelly Rosato
Michael "Juice" Williams
Lisa Young

Annette Castiglione,
 Superintendent of Schools 

Patrick Doyle,
Business Administrator/Board Secretary

The educators in our schools will participate in professional development that energizes and bonds them to each other in reaching the highest goals of their profession. The purpose is to encourage enthusiasm, motivation, and collaboration among the teachers and in turn reduce feelings of isolation. By involving teachers in their own learning experiences, professional practice will be enhanced. Future visitors to our schools will see staff engaged in professional development and growth that is supported with the time and funding provided by the Bellmawr School District.

2016 -17  Bellmawr Learning Community Goals
  • The K-4 teachers will begin implementation of the GO Math series in September.

    The members of the Intervention and Referral Services committee will address the needs of our teachers and students by making changes to the process and by providing ongoing embedded professional development during common planning time meetings between September and March.
  • Administration will address the congestion at the Bellmawr Park Elementary School during arrival and dismissal times at the school by changing the procedures and physical spaces in order to accommodate the growing population at the facility. The administration will continue to monitor the new procedures making changes as needed through the year.
  • Administration and teachers will use Link It to store and analyze data that reflects student progress and achievement. Reports that reflect student progress will be made to the Board quarterly.
  • The administrators will use professional learning communities to rewrite the current Science, Math and English Language Arts curricula by working with the teachers to unpack the standards and to align them to our new reading and math programs using the CAR model.  It is the expectation that we will complete 4 units in each content area by May 30, 2017.  Professional learning communities will address deficiencies in our elementary writing curriculum by using the CAR model to align the curriculum to the Common Core Standards.  Teachers will complete at least two units by April 2017.
  • The 6-8 Science curriculum will be rewritten by December 2016 so that is aligned to the standards and to Discovery Science, the new science program.
  • The administration, parents and teachers will work together in a unified manner in order to bring major fundraising activities under one umbrella.  The group will sponsor at least 4 major fundraisers before April 2017 to include Designer Bag BINGO, Color Run, Casino Night and Cherrydale.

For more information, please contact Annette Castiglione, Superintendent of Schools.