Each student in the Bellmawr Public School District will develop academically, physically, emotionally, and socially in a positive learning environment that provides equitable educational opportunities for all students. All staff will hold high expectations for student achievement and accept responsibility for helping students meet those expectations. A rigorous, standards based curriculum will be provided to all students, which includes a core that specifies the knowledge and skills that all students are to attain. All staff will be committed to fostering positive relationships between community members, parents, staff, students, and to the continuous improvement of the district. All the stakeholders will be involved in the educational process and will be partners in solving the real challenges and complex issues facing education in our community in the 21st century.
Super Stories
Looking for a book to listen to? Here are a few Super Stories you can share with your child!
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                   TRITON Junior Wrestling Registration

                    Registration is open to all kids ages 5-14 years old
                                               All skill levels
         Residence within the BHPRSD is not required all are welcome.

Cost: $95.00 per wrestler. Registration fee (which is non refundable) can                         be paid via Check, Credit Card or Cash.

TJW also requires a $40.00 REFUNDABLE singlet deposit. This deposit is needed in order for your child to get their singlet and it will be returned at the end of the season, when your child's singlet is returned in good condition per the singlet agreement. Please provide the deposit in a form of a separate check or cash. This will be collected during practice.





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