Superintendent's Corner

Superintendent's Corner
Danielle Sochor




Superintendent of Schools 


September 11, 2020

We hope your first week of school is going well! I know our school principals and teachers were so excited to meet and see your child(ren) again! Thank you for your patience and understanding with our technology challenges. Our team is working diligently to address your concerns in a timely and efficient manner.  Please see the guidance below regarding technology support, connecting your Chromebook to Wi-Fi, parent guide to Google Classroom and student expectations for remote learning.

Technology Support for Parents

Parents can report all malfunctions, damage, loss, or theft of their Chromebook computer by emailing Some technology issues can be solved remotely but for others you may need to bring your Chromebook device in for repair. If a repair is needed, the Technology Department will setup a date, time, and location for the device to be brought to school for either a loaner or repair onsite (if applicable). Many repairs can be completed the same day. 


If you need technology support for your child(ren)’s device, please let your child’s classroom teacher know by emailing or calling them. You can request technology support through any of your child’s teachers, who will then submit a request to our Technology Department. Technology handles help request tickets in the order they are received and will contact you immediately to address your concerns once they receive the request. 

Connecting your Chromebook to Wi-Fi 

Should you have trouble connecting your Chromebook to Wi-Fi or How to Sign into Google Classroom please reference the attached instructions.

Student Expectations for Remote Learning 

We know both teaching and learning remotely has become a major part of our students’ and teachers’ educational schedules.  As we become more proficient in all these new formats for teaching and learning, we realize setting some expectations for learning remotely will be helpful. Please refer to the attached student/parent remote learning expectations. 

You can also find all this guidance on our Remote Learning Resources webpage listed under our COVID 19 tab on the district website.

We continue to wish you success for this new school year and look forward to finding many ways of supporting you and your child along the way!


Danielle Sochor 

Danielle Sochor