Child Study Team

1. Evaluation Plan meetings and eligibility meetings will be held on a case by case basis

in the CST office with essential personnel only. Phone conference options will be

provided for teachers, parents, and related service personnel.

2. Related service sessions will be met according to the IEP or made up by the end of

the school year. Related Services that are listed on the IEP as a certain number of

sessions do not necessarily need to be given during the school is in session as long as

those sessions can be given prior to the end of the school year. Parents will be able to

communicate with all related service personnel via email for activities to do at home

that will reinforce skills being taught and prevent regression. Related Service

personnel will also be able to consult with related service personnel via phone

conference as needed.

3. Behavioral services in the home will be provided based on the IEP on a case by case

basis. Parents will be able to reach the Director of Special Services and case

managers via email to request and discuss any concerns.

4. Child Study Team and related service personnel will complete reports at home,

conduct social assessment interviews via phone, and complete one on one testing

with students accordingly. This may include testing the child in the home (if safe) or in

the CST office providing parents can arrange to bring them in for testing. If not testing

will be rescheduled.