Mr. Reilly's Counseling Page

Week's of May 4th through May 8th & May 11th through May 15th

Hello Burkies....  here we are still remote learning.  I've been hearing good things from your teachers about students work completion and attending online video classes.  Keep up the good work....  Bet you didn't know, but we've only got 4 more weeks of school and then it's summer break!!  Woo Hoo ..... 

Remember, Mr. Reilly is available to all my students if you need to talk, wanna say "Hey" or whatever.  All you've got to do is email me or have your Mom or Dad or GrandMom or GrandDad or whoever is in charge of you.....  email me at :
Once I hear from you or someone for you, I will set up a video chat conference and we can talk and check in with each other.  I've done this with several Burkies so far .... please know that I'm here and ready to talk with any of my students!  

Ok - here's this week's riddles and answers:

1. Why did the boy bury his flashlight?

answer :  because his batteries died

2. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years?

answer : the letter "M"

3. How can you make the number one disappear?

answer :  put the letter "G" in front of it then it's Gone!!

4. Why did the belt get arrested?  

answer :  for "holding up" the pants!

5. Why can't you play basketball with pigs?

answer :  because they always "hog" the ball.  

Have a great week - I miss you all - and can't wait till I see all of you again!!!

Mr. Reilly 


Week of April 27th through May 1st :

Well here we are after another week of virtual school and remote instruction.  We're now into the month of May and that means the weather is changing, it's getting warmer and the days are longer than ever.  I hope once you're done with keeping up with your school work that you're getting outside and enjoying this warm weather.  

Remember that even during this time of virtual school and remote instruction, that Mr. Reilly is still here for ALL my students.  You can do a couple of things to get in touch with me.  The quickest and easiest way is to email me or have your parent or guardian at my school email address : .....  the other way you can get me if email isn't easy is to call the school (856) 931-6362 and then dial in my extension 3202.  If you or your parent or guardian leave me a message, the phone system will push that voice message into an email and i will be forwarded to me immediately.  I am checking my email all day long since we are not physically in school so any emails I get, I can respond to quickly.  So please feel free to reach out to Mr. Reilly, even if it's just to say "hi" or check in.  If you want to, we can set up a video chat once I know you want to see and/or speak with me.   So please don't hesitate to call or email me.

This week's riddles and their answers : 

1. What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

answer : lunch and dinner

2. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can to only have it come back to you even if it doesn't bounce off anything?

answer : throw the ball straight up in the air

3. If there are 3 apples and you take 2 away, how many do you have?

answer : if you take two apples, then of course, you have 2 !   

4. If two's company and three's a crowd, what is five and 6?  

answer :  eleven (5 and 6 = 11)

5. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, then leaves on Friday.  How did he do it?

answer : his horse's name is "Friday" 

Have a great weekend everyone ..,..  Mr. Reilly truly misses all of you and can't wait till I get to see you again.  In the meantime, look for me to visit some of your online classes...     

Week of April 20th through April 24th : 

WELCOME BACK to school.   I hope you all had a wonderful spring break.  I hope you are all staying on top of the school work that your teachers have prepared for you.  Let's count the weeks .....   what does that mean??   It means that after today, there are only
7 weeks of school left before the summer break!!   So please keep up the good work, stay safe, wash your hands and be good little boys and girls for your Moms and Dads and GrandMoms and GrandPops!!  

Here's this week's riddles:

1. You brought me to dinner but you never eat me.  What am I?

answer :  your knife and fork

2. What is so delicate that just saying it's name breaks it?  

answer :  silence

3. What begins with "T", finishes with "T" and has T in it?

answer :  A teapot

4. A girl fell off a 20 foot ladder.  She wasn't hurt.  Why?

answer : She fell off the bottom step

5. When things go wrong, what can you always count on?  

answer : your fingers 

Week of April 6th through April 9th : 

Hey Burkies - well, Spring Break is upon us and starting tomorrow, no new school work till Monday, April 20th.... that's a big

So stay safe, listen to your Mom and Dad or Guardians and have some fun.....   I recorded a new video for you guys today and hopefully your teachers sent it out to you.  If for any reason, you didn't get to see it, I'll attach a link to it below.  

This week's riddles:  

1. A man calls his dog from the opposite side of a river.  The dog crosses the river without getting wet, and without using a boat or a bridge?  How can this happen?

answer:  the river is frozen !!!

2. 2 fathers and 2 sons are in a car but there are only 3 people in the car.  How is this possible?

answer: the three people are a boy, his father and his grandfather

3. What building has the most stories?

answer: a library

4. What 5 letter word gets shorter when you add two letters to it?

answer:  "short" 

5. What question can you never answer "yes' to it truthfully?

answer:  "are you asleep?"  

Kindness is what I talked about on my last video chat.  Kindness is so important and we all know it.  We need to continue to practice kindness.  Take a peek at this video link and you'll see how kindness can be shown in a very unusual situation.   Mr. Reilly's Kindness Message: Click Here

Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring Break.....  Miss all of you !!!!   

Mr. Reilly 

Today's video message :


Week of March 30th through April 3rd :

Hello Burkies - Mr. Reilly checking in again with you.  I still miss all of you and can't wait to see everyone back in school.  For now, if the best we can do is to see each other on videos, well all I can say is "bring em' on"!!  I recorded a new video for you and hopefully your teachers were able to get it out to you.  Just in case you missed it, here's the link.

This week's riddles and answers:  

1. Tom's father has three sons.  Their names are Jim, John, and what's the name of the third one?  

Answer : "Tom" 

2. Which month of the year has 28 days?

Answer : "all of them"

3. What's bright orange and green on top and sounds like a parrot?  

Answer : "a carrot"

4. What letter of the alphabet has the most water?

Answer : " C " ( sea)

5. How many times can you subtract 5 from 25?

Answer "once"  - once you subtract 5 from it, it's no longer 25 !!!  

Please watch this video on empathy:

Hope to see you real soon.  Stay safe, keep washing your hands and stay on top of your school work !!!   

Mr. Reilly


Update from Mr. Reilly -  Week of March 23rd through March 27th 

Hello students and parents, I'm excited to remain connected with you during this period of remote learning.  Do I miss my students?   

That's a BIG 

I do miss ALL of you and can't wait till I see all of you again back at Burke!!  In the mean time, I will do weekly updates to my web page and also drop in a video or two for you to watch.  These videos are short but very important learning lessons for everyone - young and old.  So please stay on top of your school work, stay safe and clean (wash your hands often please) and know that you can get a hold of Mr. Reilly at my email address : 
It's very important that you make sure Mom and Dad or your guardian knows that you are emailing me.  Sometimes it's even smarter to let them email me for you and then I can set up a way to contact you.  This way everyone knows what's going on!  

Videos to watch:  


Hope to see you all very soon.....     Mr Reilly

Link to Mr. Reilly's first Loom Video for his students and parents:



Dear Parents,

Please be advised that during our district shutdown I will be available to you for counseling services on a limited basis.  If a situation arises in which you feel your child needs consultation with me, please contact me via email (  I will be checking daily.

I will set up with you a specific time in which I will call to have a telephone session with your child.  This isn't the most ideal of situations, but it will serve as our best option during this unusual time. 

Please stay safe and healthy!


Brian Reilly

The counselors in the Bellmawr school district are available to help you and your child have a successful school year. School counselors work with parents and students in different ways through a program of many services. Each service is aimed at helping students learn and develop to their highest potential. Some of these services are:

• Groups to help children cope with difficult life events or to help them develop positive peer relationships

• Individual sessions to help children academically or with personal concerns

• Classroom lessons to deliver important information to students

• Parent and teacher consultations as necessary to work together to help the student

We look forward to collaborating with you to help your student succeed! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Mr. Brian Reilly

School Counselor
Ethel M. Burke School
856-931-6362 ext. 3202