ABC Ya – A game to learn the keys on the keyboard

Power Typing – Games to practice typing

Free Typing Games – Various typing games at various levels

Alphabetic Rain - Typing tutorial which focuses on learning typing with the rhythm of music.

Speedy Speller: This fun game challenges the player's typing and spelling skills. Listen to the word and type it correctly to move on to the next level.

KeyTower: Type the letters that are shown and stack the crates as high as possible. The higher the crates, the bigger the score.

Type Rocket: Make the rockets explode by typing the letter on each one. The more rockets you blow up, the more points you'll get.

Ducky Trouble: Oh, no! Ducky is in trouble! Help the hedgehog save Ducky by typing the right letters. Each letter will lower or raise a gate needed to reach Ducky.

Keyboard Challenge: In this challenge, the keyboard needs to be put back together. Pick one of the themes and start rearranging!

Tommy Q: Zombie Defender: Ahhh! The zombies are after Tommy! Pick which level to play at and fight them off by typing the words before they reach Tommy.

TypeRacer: Race against other players in this fast-paced game. Play as a car and type the paragraph the fastest to win!

Typing of the Ghosts: The ghosts are out to haunt you! Destroy them by typing the words on the screen.

Spider Typer: Berry the spider needs help! He has to climb to the top of the tree to escape the hungry chameleons. Type the letters and words seen on the screen to win the game.

Typing Ninja: Being a ninja is fun, but monsters are not! Beat the monsters by typing the text. Win the game by beating them all.

Owl Planes: In this multiplayer game, you can compete against other kids from around the world! Type the listed words the fastest to win.

Typing Tycoon: Animal Helpers: Type the shown letters and earn money. Enter the correct amount of keystrokes to move on to the next level.

Typing Alien: The world needs to be saved! Fight off the aliens by typing quickly and correctly.

Trash Typer: The oceans need help to stay clean. Collect the trash entering the ocean by typing the word on the screen correctly.

Daily Quote Typing: In this race against the clock, type the quote as fast as possible.

Space Bar Invaders: Type the words on the screen before the space creatures reach the bottom! You'll get bonus points for UFOs.

Keyboard Climber: Help the monkey quickly reach the top by typing the letters on the screen. Hit the wrong letter and the monkey will fall.

Snow Typer: Type the word before it hits the ground. If a word is typed wrong, the snowman will lose one of his body parts. There's a time limit, so you'll have to hurry!

Typing Adventure: Love a good treasure hunt? Find the treasure as quickly as possible by typing the right letters.

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs: Zombie dinosaurs are roaming around Paris! Help Ninja Cat kill them all by typing the right letters.

Find the Letter: Race the clock! Type the letters correctly before time runs out.

Type Type Revolution: Type the letters on the screen as they pass by. The more letters you type, the higher the score.

Alphabet 2: How quickly can the alphabet be typed backwards? Find out!

Bubble Speedy Typing: Speed is key! Type the group of letters on the screen as fast as possible.

Foggies: Power Typing: The words that pop up on the screen must be typed. The more words you complete, the greater the score. Wait too long and the word will disappear.

The Keys of Atlantis: Atlantis has been discovered! Type correctly to avoid the piranhas living in the underwater city.

ZType: Zap the words by typing them properly before they hit the ground.

Typing War Master: Save the village by typing quickly and accurately to disarm the bombs.

Typing Arcanoid: Type the green letter as fast as possible. The more letters typed, the more points received.

Fingerjigger: Improve typing skills by completing as many words as possible in 30 seconds.

Spellerz: Destroy the invading ships by typing the word correctly. Watch the clock: There's a time limit!

Dance Mat Typing: Learn how to type in these fun, interactive lessons! Ready to dance?

Typing Club: Typing Club is a great learning tool for all typing levels. Move up as each level is completed.

Typing Tutorial: This is a great website for learning how to type. Not only are there lessons that go over the basics, but there are also great practice games to help you work on your typing and skills.

Touch Typing Study: Learn, practice, and succeed! There are 15 lessons, tests, and games to help improve your typing abilities on this site.

Peter's Online Typing Course: This typing course will teach students all they need to know to be successful at typing. It's fun, interactive, and challenging all at once!

Big Brown Bear: These typing exercises can sharpen your skills while you have a great time.

Keybr Touch Typing Lessons: Learn to type faster and more accurately with these typing lessons.

Typing Tutor: Typing Tutor teaches the correct typing techniques and helps to increase typing accuracy

USspeller: Try these typing exercises and test yourself along the way.

Typing for Tots: Kids of all ages can learn to type! Complete the sentences to move on to the next lesson.



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