5th & 6th Grade Social Studies Resources

American Colonization
Colonization in New England
Journey on the Mayflower
Plimoth Plantation
Pilgrim Village
Mayflower Compact
First Thanksgiving
The Massachusetts Bay Company
Massachusetts Bay
Pictures of Colonial Boston
Unearthing Boston
Colonial Williamsburg
Virtual Jamestown
PBS - Death in Jamestown
Jamestown Dig
National Geographic - Jamestown
Growth of the Tobacco Trade
Jamestown Adventure
John Smith Bio
John Smith Journal
The Starving Time
The Powhatan Confederation
The House of Burgesses
Maryland Toleration Act
National Geographic - Salem Witch Hunt

Slave Culture
Slave Narratives
A Freeman Enslaved by Northern Hands
Influence of Prominent Abolitionists: African...
Africans in America/Part 4/Resource Bank Cont.
The Buying and Selling of Humans
Middle Passage Pictoral

American Revolution
Liberty! - PBS
Timeline of the American Revolution - Part 1
Timeline of the American Revolution - Part 2
Maps and Charts of the American Revolution
American Revolution.Org
Activities for the American Revolution
History Central
Discovery Channel - Lesson Plan
Founding Fathers

Causes of the Revolution
French and Indian War in Colonial Newspapers
Scalping During the French and Indian War
Proclamation of 1763 - Original Text
The Proclamation of 1763 - Information
Sugar Act - 1764
Sugar Act - 1764
Stamp Act - 1765
Stamp Act Congress
The Sons of Liberty
The Quartering Act - 1765
The Declatory Act - 1766
Boston Massacre - 1770
The Townshend Acts
Tea Act
The BostonTea Party
The Boston Tea Party
The Intolerable Acts
The Boston Port Act
Adminstration of Justice Act
Massachusetts Government Act
Quebec Act
Quartering Act - 1774
Declarations of the First Continental Congress

The Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence Roadtrip - Video (Mel Gibson, et al)
National Archives - Exhibit Hall
Preserving the Declaration

People in the American Revolution
Hispanics in the American Revolution
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale
John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones Museum
The Enigma of Benedict Arnold
Betsy Ross
George Washington-Library of Congress Collection
George Washington Biography
Sam Adams - The Rights of the Colonists
Patrick Henry
John Jay
Paul Revere

Battles of the Revolution
Lexington and Concord Thinkquest
Cowpens - Pictures
Fort Henry
Guilford Courthouse
Stony Point
Valley Forge

The Constitution
Ben's Guide to the Constitution and Government
Documents from the Convention
PBS-George Washington and the Constitutional Convention
Infoplease-The Convention
PBS - The Constitution of the United States
Interpretation of the Constitution

The Bill of Rights
Eduplace-The Bill of Rights

Industrial Revolution
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Industrial Revolution Games and Info
Interchangeable Parts
Lowell National Historical Park
Eli Whitney
John Deere
Robert Fulton
Samuel F.P. Morse
Telegraph History

Westward Expansion
John L. O'Sullivan on Manifest Destiny, 1839
US State Department-Diplomacy in the West 1830-1860
The American West as a Symbol and Myth
Manifest Destiny on PBS
The Election of 1844
Interactive Maps
Texas Revolution
The Mexican War on PBS
Mexican Cession
California Gold Rush

The Civil War
Civil War Literature Circles
Causes of the Civil War
North and the South During the Age of Jackson
Nullification Issue of 1832
State's Rights
Free-Soil Party
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Compromise of 1850
Compromise of 1850 American Memory
Lincoln's Election 1860
Dred Scott Case
Uncle Toms Cabin and the American Culture
John Brown's Holy War
John Brown and the Valley of the Shadow
American Civil War Hompage
The Civil War.com
The Civil War Interactive
Civil War Timeline
The American Civil War Homepage
PBS-Ken Burns' Civil War
The United States Civil War
Two Communities in the American Civil War
Eyewitness to the American Civil War
Civil War Records
Electronic Source Center
The Civil War at the Smithsonian
Civil War Music-MIDIs
Civil War Women
Women of the Civil War
Women Soldiers in the Civil War
Selected Civil War Photographs
Civil War Album.com
Letters from an Iowa Soldier
Letters from Soldiers
African-American Civil War Museum
National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine
American Civil War Maps and Exhibits
Civil War Archives-Primary Sources
Library of Congress - Lincoln
Ford's Theater
Primary Sources - Effects of the War
Handbook of Texas
Library of Congress

Scholastic's Site-Ellis Island

Scholastic's Immigration Website
The Building of the Statue of Liberty (With Photos)

Twentieth Century
American Memory - Library of Congress

Time For Kids Current Events
NASA - The Apollo Program
Picture History

http://www.homeschoolradioshows.com/ - Free weekly newsletter and "old time radio" adaptations of great books and historic stories, chosen especially for homeschooling families, each and every week -- and it's absolutely free.
http://www.clickandlearn.com/info.asp?uid=1087 - Numerous detailed maps of each of the 50 states, various countries, and the continents.
http://ginaotto.com/socialstudies.html - Social science resources, lessons and interactive sites for general history, United States history, and World History.
http://www.firstgov.gov/Agencies/federal.shtml - This website has detailed information regarding the Federal Government,State Governments, and Local Governments; this website would be very beneficial for students to use for research projects.
http://www.pibmug.com/files/map_test.swf - This website features an interactive game in which students have a limited amount of time to correctly identify all 50 states on the map.
http://www.geography4kids.com/- Geography 4 Kids presents illustrated descriptions of the earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, the BGC cycles, and climate.
http://www.constitutionday.com/Html/Links.html - This website offers a large list of questions and answers regarding the Constitution and other important historical events. There is also a list of the ratification dates of every state in our nation.