Each student in the Bellmawr Public School District will develop academically, physically, emotionally, and socially in a positive learning environment that provides equitable educational opportunities for all students. All staff will hold high expectations for student achievement and accept responsibility for helping students meet those expectations. A rigorous, standards based curriculum will be provided to all students, which includes a core that specifies the knowledge and skills that all students are to attain. All staff will be committed to fostering positive relationships between community members, parents, staff, students, and to the continuous improvement of the district. All the stakeholders will be involved in the educational process and will be partners in solving the real challenges and complex issues facing education in our community in the 21st century.

September is National Hunger Month! To show support, in 2019 the Borough of Bellmawr launched the Little Free Pantry in town! Little Free Pantry began in 2016 in Fayetteville, AR and is a great way to combat hunger starting right here in Bellmawr! There is a Little Free Pantry located at each school in the district.  The motto is “Take what you need, Give what you can”

Find out more about the mission at www.littlefreepantry.org

We are asking students to assist the Borough on this project by bringing in food donations to fill the pantries throughout the year! The following items would be greatly appreciated and can be sent in with your child to be given to their classroom teacher or you may fill the pantry yourself! Please make sure that all items are non-perishable and have good expiration dates.

Tuna, Beans, Chili, Soup,  Spices, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Rice, Jelly,  Vegetables,  Pasta, Chicken Stock, Cereal,  Pasta, Sauce,  Ramen Noodles

Be on the lookout for Little Free Pantries around Bellmawr later this month! As always, thank you for your continued support.

The Bellmawr Learning Community







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